Sunday, November 23, 2008

Be Still My Heart!

Great day in the neighborhood! Love, love, love the crispness of the morning air. And yes, that little gas station on the corner of Alvarado and Garey has gas for $1.97......who would have thought. Just as I know the Mayfair will stay the same for years, I know that gas prices will begin to crawl upwards again, but dang...let's enjoy. Just a small little perk for our side.

Speaking of which -we have that wonderful jewel of a Fox that is crawling out of the ashes - I would love to see the Mayfair also rise and shine. My hopes go UP and then come DOWN, DOWN, DOWN. I will not lose faith that someday my Avenger will come, and save the other corner. TADA - (hands on hips) "Here to save the dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!". I think we need a "Captain Pomona". I'll knit the cap.

My very favorite time of the year is here! THANKSGIVING! Who gives a crap if the first thanksgiving is a myth. It's Thanksgiving! A time for us to gather and gives thanks for all of it. For me it has always meant a special time of reaching out to those less blessed. Our table is full and always welcome for anyone to join.

Happy Thanksgiving Pomona!

Until next time - ciao!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Such a LOVERLY day in the neighborhood!

I was just dusting off a few things in the parlour - totally a rare sight, and came upon a Pomona Telephone Directory from November 1932. I had purchased it years ago and from time to time it filters out from under the dust bunnies. This really goes hand in hand with someone asking me where I got the large letter California postcard that has Pomona on it.

The postmark shows that it was mailed on May 1, 1944 from Pomona. Apparently large letter postcards were very collectible and people mailed them out to each other. This one was going from Mrs. R. Clifford, 1555 S. White Ave., Pomona to an address in Massachusetts. At first I thought it might have been someone in John Clifford's family, but Dawn asked John for me several years back, and he said nope. I think it's a rather charming piece of Pomona memorabilia, and I have from time to time made duplicates out of it and mailed them out. So I looked the name up in the old phone book, and sure enough, the Clifford family lived on White in 1932 phone number Pomona 6177.

There are some great ads in the book and I will get them scanned and share them with ya'll. The book includes the areas of Chino, Claremont, LaVerne and San Dimas. Dr. Knight, a dentist, located at 2nd and Garey offered tooth extractions for $1.00. Oh my. Interesting to find your address and see who was actually living in your house back then. Way cool.

Until next time....ciao!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like whipping out a Monopoly Game board and start playing when they pass the Boardwalk Apartments on Park?? I swear I can hear strains of Harry James and Benny Goodman drifting through the air. Gotta be the damn cutest apartment setting I've ever seen.

Got a speeding ticket (my first ever) this past January as I was boot scootin down Holt taking the Willow Bean to school. The speed limit is 35 and yes, I was over the speed limit. Of course I got the old "where ya going in such a hurry" line. I was tempted to say "a fire", but he didn't look like the engaging type. He had zipped up behind me when I had stopped for a light, and I silently said a prayer to the Guardian Angel of Grandmothers, but to no avail. Yes, I got a ticket. He had fun reading by license plate holder.

Now I'm quite aware that there are, at times, several motorcycle policemen patrolling Holt against the thought is, has anyone told them about Garey Ave.?? Why are they always on Holt and not on Garey? One can get serious whiplash from watching the speeders in the morning (or actually any time of the day) on their way to the courthouses - I think to pay their speeding tickets from Holt.

And while I'm on the subject of Garey Ave, the doorway to Antique Row and the Art's Colony - think anyone from the city gives thought to how crappy it looks driving along the way. Not inviting AT ALL. Sometimes I will sit on the porch and daydream about the city actually putting in an island down the avenue with trees and grass. Giving at least part of the street a warm, inviting and expectant appeal for things yet to be revealed upon arriving in Pomona. Now I will allow that it looks a little better than when we had the massage parlour next door to Abraham Lincoln school, but we still have a long way to go. And as for me, I'd rather have the streetlight in front of my house waving a flag with the name of soldier serving his country, than a banner inviting us to visit a pig at the fair. But then again, that's just me.

Until next time, ciao!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I caught the photos of the Fox project on Ren's blog. I've been watching the project with baited breath. Can't wait to see the finished results. Thank you Ren.

So should I stop holding my breath on the Pomona Chop House? I really wanted that one to happen too. The web site is awesome for the Fox construction progress, but could someone update it? Or am I not looking in the right spot? Looks to me like the last update was in May 2008.

As for the events held in Pomona last Saturday, the comment was wouldn't it be nice if someone had put the whole thing together downtown. Ahhhhh, ya. I also think it would have been nice if someone in charge would have approached the businesses in and around downtown to help sponsor the chalk drawing event.

Last year at the first event, I think Donohue's had donated the chicken for the lunch (correct me if I'm wrong). There was also cake and soft drinks. And there was so much food that the parents were invited to participate in the lunch. Sadly this year there was 1/2 a banana, a bottle of water and a very small muffin for each one of the students. Vicky and crew did an awesome job, now we have to as a community get behind them with a little do, re, mi. Got it?? I will gladly donate. Gladly. Anyone out there with a big jar??

And while I'm on the subject, fliers were not sent out to the schools (not enough money for fliers). Emails were sent instead. Apparently Gold Springs Elementary did not get theirs, or else someone didn't hit the right button. We found out word of mouth. The Willow Bean was the loner from the school. I've done the shame on you to Mr. P the principal. He promises not to let this fall by the way next year. (Like I would let him!) Love you Mr. P!! Love, love, love Golden Springs Elementary...which will be expanding to include 7 and 8Th grades within the next 2 years. Sort of like wrapping your child in a blanket of warmth and knowledge everyday. API 921. You go Cougars!!

So who do you think should have been able to think "out of the box" and pull the events together downtown?? I'll take a moment to look around here. Hmmmmmm. The Farmer's Market is a BIG joke. I'm embarrassed to say that's our Pomona's best effort at it. Saturday's Market in the Baptist Church parking lot is great. But then they won't let crafters participate in the event. And why is that do you suppose?? Monrovia and other marketplaces that I have participated in through the years have been most successful when combining both the farmers and also the crafters. Talked to someone at the city several times years ago and offered ideas ....... (this is where we do a "pregnant pause"). THERE IS NO ONE TO PULL IT ALL TOGETHER! WAAAAAAAAA!!

Many years ago I took a proposal to the city and they immediately said "No-no". Like I was touching a forbidden fruit or something. I was referred to a young lady who was supposed to direct you or guide you or something, something (blocked the whole damn thing out of my memory). The meeting was so ridiculous that I wanted to puke. She had the nerve to say "Why do you want to do this in Pomona?" I think I sat there with the deer in the headlights look. She didn't live here and arrived everyday via the 71 freeway. Never had been down Garey Ave. And SOMEONE had hired her for that job!! So I thanked her and took my proposal and bowed out the door. Talk about feeling like someone had forgotten to bring life jackets on the boat trip. And to tell you the truth, I don't think that much more has really changed to date. Sort of like when I went to the city (another office) and said I was opening a yarn shop in my home on Garey. The person looked at me and said...why there?? Look at the eye sore businesses across the street from you. She was trying to talk me into taking a spot downtown. I guess no one had told her I already made my "bones" on Thomas along with Ma Belle Pru. I survived Amos and the Raves for goodness sakes! So once again, I bowed my way out of an office looking for a life jacket. THERE IS NO ONE TO PULL IT ALL TOGETHER! WAAAAAAAAA!!

My musings for today and don't even think about t-ping my house. Either another body part just gave out, or I have the flu today. I have to get this out of my system as cancelling the Friday Night Knitting Club is not an option. They would skewer me on their knitting needles.

Until next time....ciao

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vern Mascorro

I have just come back home from the Celebration of Life for Vern that was held today at the Morongo Reservation. It was a most beautiful ceremony and a gathering that was overflow. Vern certainly did touch so many of us in his short lifetime. I am still very sad, but this celebration of his life did bring together many old friends that have not seen one another in years. Only Vern's spirit could have done this. His infectious smile and his wonderful laughter will never fade away. Today was exactly the way he would have wanted it. Friends and laughter. Thank you Vern.

Until next time

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh Pomona

Really happy to see all the latest activity out there on my lovable Pomona. For so long I felt like the lone kid on the block. Blog?? What's a blog? So the passage of time has served itself well and I am so excited to see that the word "blog" isn't foreign anymore. Several have done an awesome job of keeping the highlights of Pomona out there through their blogs. Please keep up the grand work. I wait with baited breath for each of your latest reflections on daily life here.

What a great turn out for the chalk drawing downtown. The gkids had such a great time last year and we all were so very happy to see that it was held again this year. Thank you Vicky Tessier and all the hard work you and your helpers put forth to hold this event. The artwork was awesome!

But what the hell was going on Friday night on Garey?? Yes, we had our checkpoint going on. Am I the only one that drives in Pomona with a driver's license, registration, and car insurance?? So why were there people out there with signs warning drivers to turn away? And guys with video cams? What am I missing?

The Friday Night Knitting Club was going full swing and all of the customers were stopped coming and going. Did ja hear me out there complaining?? Think not. And yes, that was the "other half" out there doing the moon walk. What can I say. Silly at 60. If anyone has the right to complain it should be the businesses that are still open along the way. But for me, it serves the greater good. Thank you to the Pomona Police Dept.

Ok...I wasn't going to say anything about our latest elections...but what the hell. How can this nation take such a HUGE step forward and Pomona take 10 GIGANTIC steps backwards??? Elliot Rothman?? Dannielle Soto??? A photo opt princess for Assembly?? Mind you, these are my personal opinions...but at my age, I've earned it. I am having the hardest time understanding all of this and wondering when the other shoe is going to hit the floor. Oh, Pomona - what have you done? Look, if you have an opposite opinion - start your own blog. I'm sitting here. Only time will tell how this fantasy is going to end up. At least we still have Paula!

I am going to take the time right now to mention the sudden passing of a dear, dear friend. I will miss him very much. Vern Mascorro was known by many in our city. It is with a deep sadness that I have to accept the fact that I will no long see his dashing smile or enjoy an unexpected afternoon lunch with him. My deepest regrets go out to his beautiful mother and his family. Vern loved Pomona and Pomona will miss Vern greatly. You will forever be in my heart Vern.

Until next time