Friday, September 4, 2009

Amazing Grace & Camp Pomona

Every time I visit City Hall I personally (muttering under my breath) comment just how cool the walk way is. Did someone tell me that there used to be fountains in the middle? Then something about the homeless bathing in them which caused the city to turned them into planters...think the bathers might have been more interesting. I get all sad when I see the tiles with the Pomona logo that are broken and that haven't been replaced...sad.
So I think it would be very cool to put the logo on "Grace"....such an amazing car. Problem is, just don't know where I would be able to fit it in. And then, white would not show that well...I'll have to check to see if they can print one up in black.
Something exciting to add...the knitting group is starting up again! We will have a Sunday late afternoon barbeque and then a knit along here at "Camp Pomona" at the rear of 823 N. Garey. Anyone wanting to join in, just bring along some yarn and needles...or your latest project. This is the first time the group has been together since the fire. Nice to get back to something called "normal"?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tub Time??

Coming back from school shopping yesterday, Lizzie commented that there was someone in our backyard taking pictures. Pictures?? Our backyard??

As it turned out, 2 aspiring photographers visiting Pomona to take pictures with vintage settings, happened upon our spot. (not really a house, but more a spot). They had with them a very attractive young lady and had asked to take pictures for their portfolios using this mess as a background. Who am I to stand in the way of dreams.

They were so excited about the whole thing! Click, click, snap, snap.
Mr. Wonderful got home to find the following scene..

Life is looking better everyday!


What A Week

If I read horoscopes I'm certain that mine would say something to the effect that the summer of 2009 will absolutely suck.

Who's that little guy that walks around in the comic strips with a cloud over this head?? The name escapes me. But I think that's what I've morphed into.

Mr. Wonderful had to take my car to the car doctor as the computer finally quit...too much smoke inhalation I suspect. (I'm sure you have seen me tooling around town in "Grace". The SUV with all the writing on it. ) At the same time he had the "Dali" taillight fixed and new wipers put on. Sometime during the 3 days that it took...someone ripped off my GPS...the nerve!! And of course, no one knows anything about it. So now if you see me driving aimlessly around town, just stop and point me in the right direction. I'm really harmless. WAAAAAAAAA!!

I've survived the Mitzie thing, and she is doing well. Barking once again...which is nice to hear. So Saturday I delved into making my "Pommes de Pomona Diva" out in the backyard inferno, trying to beat the raising heat level. Goddess of Garey had to sadly withdraw as she had duty at the Garden. I poured the potato dish into one of those aluminium pans and ran downtown to support the event being held at Tibi's. Feeling quite the accomplished person, I pulled up out front, opened the back hatch, and proceed to dump almost the whole pan onto 3rd street. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Managed to salvage about 1/4 which was still in the pan. It was nice to see that at least 6 others had brought in their dishes. A really unique presentation from the Pomona Bakery....Potato Lollipops.... you had to be there.

When the Goddess of Garey came to visit in the afternoon she brought the offering of a ticket to the Opera!!!! I was so elated! Of course I will go with you. So very excited. Until midnight, while the flu fairy came to visit me. Nasty. But Olympia did come by today and said that it was great. Bravo Fox!! I envy all that were able to attend. WAAAAAAAAAAA!

Thank Goodness that week is over!