Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lemonade Kids

I was ranting about the out of control signage that I almost forgot!
Tomorrow at 4:30 in the Council Chambers the children that raised money and awareness through their lemonade stand this past summer for the fire victims on Garey will be recognized by the City.  
They are awesome and if you can make it....we would love to see you.  Hey Ren!  Bring your cameras!


Shabby Town

Well I think I've had enough....but what's a poor lass to do?  Is it me again in my some sort of dementia that I personally think this town's appearance (outside of 2nd St.) is going into the toilet???
Who has driven down Holt or Mission lately and seen the disgusting amount of hand painted signs hammered into living trees?  Signs harking store vendors wares or foot massages? And sandwich boards are just plain out of control.  What the hell is that all about?
Now I do know that we have a Code Enforcement Dept...or thought we had.  And I'm very aware that i now possess one of the biggest eye sores in Pomona, but I'm working on it.  What twists my last nerve is when they hammer signs into trees.  Just plain ignorant and uneducated.  What can we do??  Anyone care to raise their hands on this one??
Where's George??  Kinda like trying to find Waldo.  Come out and play George!!  I feel so alone out here.



Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something Special This Way Comes

If anyone is interested, those grand kiddos that did the lemonade stand to raise money to help the families of the fires this past summer are being recognized by our city on November 19th.  These children are awesome.  I'm not sure of the exact time, and I'll be sure to list it. 

It pleases me that Pomona is doing this.

And Camp Pomona is coming along nicely thank you.  It's been a very hectic past 2 weeks for me with the fam...but progress is being made.  If anyone has noticed...there is much less house standing out front.  Looks spooky!  But all the burned wood has been removed.  We have saved much of the baseboards and the plate railings, trim and doors (alas, none of the French doors made it).  The Goddess of Garey will be tackling all of the refinishing...must not let all that talent go to waste.  And besides, Olympia is a great morale booster with always good thoughts to share.

My "bungalow" is almost finished.  I so do need a place to work and Tuff Sheds are about $4,500 for a 10' x 12'.  So the "boss" (snicker, snicker) went down and bought the lumber and has built me the purdiest lil "bungalow" (I refuse to call it a shed.  It is a ray of hope.  A sign of bigger and better things to come.  it also means that I don't have to keep moving the printer off the table when it's time to eat.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here???    Anyone got any great Thanksgiving recipes to share?? 


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ya know...there are just some people in this town that I adore and that is George Hunter.  I miss George. 

Yesterday I had a chance to run into him at our stupid, stupid polling place for distrist 1.  Who the hell is the monkey at that key board that changed our polling site from the Baptist Church to someplace down a dead end street in an apartment complex that has a locked gate (and yes people had to wait for someone to unlock it at times).  There was NO, NO parking.  Not only that...there were no flags at the end of the street indicating that there was a polling place near by.  The only indication that there might be a polling place around were all the signs for Rothman and Perlman lining both sides of the street.  Hey...isn't there something about not having those signs so close to a polling site???  Hmmmmm. 

In any event, I ran into George and ranted on him.  No argument there.  So a call to the LA registrar's office is in the loop.  Waiting for a reply as to what idiot made that decision.  I really think that it just might have impacted voting in District 1.  Ya think?

Just another reason for me to have a bad day.  I love to vote and love my right to vote.  Why does someone have to mess with that??

So for me the bright spot yesterday was running into George.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  At least I knew I had a council man when he was on the board.    I HEART YOU GEORGE HUNTER...please come back!!