Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I've tried to be a good girl...really I have, but the latest doings in our city are driving me NUTZ!  After the meeting held last night at the Council Chambers regarding the doing away of 2 fire stations and replacing  them will a bigger one borders on insanity.  My opinion.   This little cutie will cost us $7 million.  Not only that...response time will be increased.  Hmmmmmmmmm.  I'll refrain from making a comment on that one. 

So in response to all of this and also the issue of our really fine Police Dept. (don't leave me!!!!!!!!) there is a new site on Facebook for all open discussion.  It is named Citizens Of Pomona.  So if you can't make the meetings and want to stay informed, or if you just plain have something to dish is a spot. 

Do you all know that the site for this proposed station is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to an elementary school.  Yorba Elementary.  And the city hasn't even done an impact study...odd.  I kind of like my kiddos and don't think I'd like all the noise and confusion disrupting their school days.  But then that's moi.  Ever try picking your kids up at the close of the school day?   Kind of insane on any normal  So let's throw fire trucks and paramedics in there to really get things interesting.'s just me having a way with my thoughts.