Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is it just me??

Checkpoints.  I am very happy that our council voted in it's favor and this is the first chance I've had to add my 2 cents.  What I'm not fully understanding is why so many have made this an issue other than what it is.  Plain and's a safety issue.  Legislated laws that are in place to protect me and mine.  You and yours. 
I am 1/2 Latina.  My first language was not English.  But because I was educated by my immigrant grandparents that I must obey laws, I today have a valid driver's license, my car is insured and registered.  My passengers are buckled up and if they are littles, they are in the car seat.  I also understand that if I drink and drive...I just might be breaking the law.  So guess what?  I don't drink and drive.  How do I know all of this??  Because I'm just a raving beauty?  Awww...that would be a no.  I do believe that I know all of this, because I was educated to these very important facts.  At a very early age education has been an important part of life for me. 
These rules that we live by are necessary for our survival.  They are in place for all who want to take advantage of this wonderful society we call America.  It matters not what color our skin, our choice of religion, or language that we speak.  What does matter to me is that we have a system in place to protect me and my family.  A system in place that is there to protect you and yours. 
We will achieve nothing by waving warning placards or making videos.  If any group feels so strong that checkpoints are there only to discriminate against certain ethnic populations, perhaps all that strong energy could be channeled in a more positive way.  Educate, reach out and educate.  The more you educate about our legislated laws, the less in jeopardy they will place themselves. 
Get one of the churches to have a table or booth at the checkpoints for those that find themselves without transportation home and provide that transportation for them. 
When I clean up my property the morning after one of these checkpoints and I see the beer bottles that have been flung up against my fence, and find drugs in my bushes...I do get really mad.  But I also find comfort in knowing that just maybe that person or persons did not continue on their way that night and harm someone or someones child. 



John Clifford said...

It seems that it's just Pomona that has a problem with checkpoints. ALL of the surrounding communities have them as well, but it's in Pomona that some people get upset.

I'm all for checkpoints. Because they stop every car, I don't see them as particularly discriminatory, nor do I see them as targeting any group (if that were so, then we'd see problems in other cities as well). As long as they're conducted following the rules, they actually do a service to the wide community.

However, I do see a reason that we have a problem in Pomona. We have a large population here of undocumented residents. These residents may wish to obey the laws, but because we're so afraid of giving someone a privilege we don't think they deserve, we don't allow them to behave in a legal manner. As long as we deny undocumented persons a driver's license, we'll see the kind of push-back we're seeing. If you go anywhere in the world you can get a "visitor's" license or other provisional type license as long as you have a license from the country you're coming from. They make sure that you understand how to drive and that you understand local regulations. THEN you can legally drive.

Giving someone driving privileges doesn't give them citizenship or any legal rights other than to drive. Some will say that having a driver's license means you can get a bank account, borrow money, etc. as if you were a citizen. Well, perhaps the problem is that we've put too much on the driver's license. Let's divorce driving from ANY other public policies.

Just my $.02.

Skrip said...

I might as well chime in my 2 cents as well, looks like we've got about 6 cents so far.

I am for checkpoints. period.I dont understand the reason for being against them, with the exception of traffic congestion to my house, to say the least (if its some kind of stubborn reason).

Pomona = BIG CITY (200,000+)
Latino population, last I heard was 65-70%. Chances of being Latino at a checkpoint, about 70%, if not more (we have alot of retirees who are not Latinos who dont really drive anywhere on weekends).

I think that is the only argument, that it is targeting Latinos.

It is not. Dont drink, drive, be uninsured and/or unlicensed and you are good to go! Just like in any other city... and yes, Upland & Claremont have them all the time.

I just dont see the argument as legitimate. I'm glad we got the green light on checkpoints once again from the city! I'd hate to see someone lose their life over a drunk driver.

I'd hate to get hit by an unlicensed or uninsured driver and get stuck with the cost when it's not your fault too! It's happened to me!

John Clifford said...

Hopefully Scrip understands that I agree with him totally.

However, I'd love to at least give the undocumented a chance to get licensed and insured. Right now, the undocumented are totally unlicensed and uninsured so poor Scrip, when he get's in that accident, will likely end up paying.