Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ya know...there are just some people in this town that I adore and that is George Hunter.  I miss George. 

Yesterday I had a chance to run into him at our stupid, stupid polling place for distrist 1.  Who the hell is the monkey at that key board that changed our polling site from the Baptist Church to someplace down a dead end street in an apartment complex that has a locked gate (and yes people had to wait for someone to unlock it at times).  There was NO, NO parking.  Not only that...there were no flags at the end of the street indicating that there was a polling place near by.  The only indication that there might be a polling place around were all the signs for Rothman and Perlman lining both sides of the street.  Hey...isn't there something about not having those signs so close to a polling site???  Hmmmmm. 

In any event, I ran into George and ranted on him.  No argument there.  So a call to the LA registrar's office is in the loop.  Waiting for a reply as to what idiot made that decision.  I really think that it just might have impacted voting in District 1.  Ya think?

Just another reason for me to have a bad day.  I love to vote and love my right to vote.  Why does someone have to mess with that??

So for me the bright spot yesterday was running into George.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  At least I knew I had a council man when he was on the board.    I HEART YOU GEORGE HUNTER...please come back!!



Skrip said...

I second that, he would have been the best Mayor for Pomona. A great guy no doubt.

marcusbep said...

Yes, I want my polling place back to the church as my thoughts were exactly in which you've wrote.

Ms Patti said...

Native here...need Hunter least he trimmed palm trees on Casa Vista and made his presence known to his district. Prefer our polling place at a Church or well lit area with handicapped parking??? Isn't that a LAW? Get it right Pomona and Miss Soto, we would appreciate getting to know our Councilwoman in District 1! Do you live here yet??? hmmmmm hope so... you have lots to do!!!