Friday, August 28, 2009

Potato? Potatoe?

Awwww....the great Pomona "Spud Off". Read on Ren's blog that the historical event will be tomorrow at the dba. Since my culinary abilities are being challenged these to a grill in the burnt out backyard....I think I'll attempt a dish and trot on down tomorrow. This should be interesting. I adore potato dishes...tons of carbs and the thoughts thereof just get me all kinda lightheaded. I've thrown down the gauntlet, and the Goddess of Garey has picked up my challenge. This should prove to be very interesting. Nothing more exciting than cooking in this heat.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mitzi is home and mending quite nicely. We thank Dr. Choi the dentist across the street for taking her to his vet in Glendora. He found her wrapped in a black plastic trash bag in his parking lot. She was all bloody and at first he thought she had been shot. Dr. Parks of West Foothill Animal Hospital said she had vicious dog bites that tore a huge hole in her side. She is lapping up the huge amount of attention that she's getting. Many stitches and a drain tube that will be removed this Saturday. Thank you all for the concern. Her dog tag was still on her and that's how we were able to get her back. Whoever did have her at least brought her back to her neighborhood.

Had an accident in front of the house this morning. No one was hurt in the 3 car accident but plenty shook up. After 10 minutes of waiting for the 911 response, I finally called the dispatch desk. Minutes later 2 officers glidded up on their shiny me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. There has to be something wrong with my area and emergency response time. YA THINK?? Fred was last seen walking towards his empty lot, shaking his head and muttering "it must be in our water".

Speaking of the Van Allen's and The Garden. There seemed to be a fair amount of activity there this past Saturday for the Tomato Tasting. I went over and did some fav was the Amana Orange tomato....yummy, yummy. I don't know if it came from Amy's Garden, so I'll find out tomorrow night at the Organic Marketplace in the Packing House. Hint..hint. Sorry John, no beer tasting for moi. So in my place, I'll be sending the Goddess of Garey Ave., Olympia. Please be mindful of her presence.

Starting back teaching on Thursday. (wwwww...remembering the autumn days of my childhood in New England. Crisp fall days, cider in the air. Dream on Pammy girl.) Anyone interested in knitting or crochet lessons?? Every Thursday morning at the Diamond Bar Center on Grand Ave., Diamond Bar. Older adult education through Mt. Sac. Everyone over 18 is welcome to enroll...all is free. You can enroll on line or just come and I'll do it for you.

Until later...caio

Saturday, August 22, 2009

And Life Goes On

Yesterday I attend the Celebration of Life and the Funeral of Fr. Eleutherius Winance, O.S.B. I have had the honor of knowing this most wonderful man during the many years that I have been associated with St. Andrew's Abbey in Valyermo. On July 4th, Larry and I spent the day with friends installing a huge Freezer body for the monks and I sadly missed Father and wishing him a happy 100 year birthday. As was his usual Saturday schedule, he was off to the Challenger Youth Detention Center in Lancaster to say Mass. We had planned a trip up the next Sunday 7/12 but we were sidetracked by the fire on 7/ll. He was a brilliant man who had taught up until 2001 at Claremont Graduate School. Can you imagine teaching at 92??? I and all those who met and knew him will miss him greatly.

While attending the services, Larry had been trying to call me to let me know that our dog had been found. She was found in Glendora. A man called Larry (her tags were still on) and said that he saw someone throw her out of a car. He took the dog to a Vet nearby. She was in very bad shape. She had a large cut on her stomach and was pretty badly beaten up and in shock. The vet said that he thought he could save her and of course Larry told him to do what he could to save her. We will going up to bring her home today. Now this is where I cannot put into words the type of a creature that would treat a poor helpless animal like she was treated. I have great faith that one of these days someone is going to let me know who did this...and on that day I will pounce like a python on them. People like that are so stupid that they have to brag about things like this, and I have a deep deep feeling that this person lives locally. I will find you...maybe not today...but I will find you and when I do I will be happy to play fetch with way. I am off to get my dog.

I almost forgot to add that today is TOMATO DAY at The Garden. The Goddess Olympia should be there. If you don't know Olympia, please make it a point to meet her. An outstanding person and also one of the knitters. A dedicated Vegan who respects the fact that I am a carnivore and manages now to only roll her eyes half of the time. I miss my days of leaning out the cottage window and chatting it up while she was watering away in the garden. Those days shall return darling, trust me.

Off to bring Mitzie home...caio

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lemons into Lemonade!

I know I have been away for a spell...chasing around things that have to be done when attempting to rebuild. It's a nasty job.

I want to share a most wonderful thing that has recently happened and maybe some read about it last weeks in DB. 20 wonderful children in La Verne, ages 3 to 15, organized and held a "Lemonade" stand last Saturday. They did this to raise funds for the 2 families that lost their homes in the fire on 7/ll.

Now kids today just don't get enough applause or recognition when they do something so wonderful. These super children raised over $1,000...can you imagine that? I have tears in my eyes again when I think of this awesome feat.

I have called both City Council offices in La Verne and also Pomona in hopes that someone will pick up the ball and perhaps recognize them for their superior act of kindness.

On a more somber note...our black Scottie is missing. And someone here has her. They called Larry, phone number was on her tag, asking for a reward...but before we could make arrangements to pick her up they hung up. It was a blocked number and therefore a deadend. I am devastated that someone would be so cruel and not return her. is a breed of dog not often seen in these please keep eyes out for her..we miss her and need her back. This happened on 8/18 and we have never had a call back. She can't be far, as she had been in the yard 15 minutes earlier.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Where There's Smoke....

We are all gradually climbing out of the ashes over here on Garey. Things are actually starting to sprout again...which is entirely amazing. We are all sad about the loss of so many of the beautiful trees on both properties, but there will be new ones.
I knew that we were finally on the road to comeback when Larry jumped on one of the only things left, his riding mower and I saw him head off to tackle the front lawn. It really did my heart good.
Looks like tomorrow is move back to Garey Ave. day. Our gracious friends Patti and Robert Hayes have lent us "Ms. Opal"...a most divine 5th wheel trailer to live in during the rebuild. It looks like a long term "camp out" for moi.
Hopefully we can get a temporary fence up this weekend and I can get the dogs back home. I haven't had a chance to stop by and thank Johanna for coming to my rescue the night of the fire and keeping the girls for a few days. That was such a grand jesture. I cannot thank you enough. Just one of the many wonderful people that came to our rescue.