Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something Special This Way Comes

If anyone is interested, those grand kiddos that did the lemonade stand to raise money to help the families of the fires this past summer are being recognized by our city on November 19th.  These children are awesome.  I'm not sure of the exact time, and I'll be sure to list it. 

It pleases me that Pomona is doing this.

And Camp Pomona is coming along nicely thank you.  It's been a very hectic past 2 weeks for me with the fam...but progress is being made.  If anyone has noticed...there is much less house standing out front.  Looks spooky!  But all the burned wood has been removed.  We have saved much of the baseboards and the plate railings, trim and doors (alas, none of the French doors made it).  The Goddess of Garey will be tackling all of the refinishing...must not let all that talent go to waste.  And besides, Olympia is a great morale booster with always good thoughts to share.

My "bungalow" is almost finished.  I so do need a place to work and Tuff Sheds are about $4,500 for a 10' x 12'.  So the "boss" (snicker, snicker) went down and bought the lumber and has built me the purdiest lil "bungalow" (I refuse to call it a shed.  It is a ray of hope.  A sign of bigger and better things to come.  it also means that I don't have to keep moving the printer off the table when it's time to eat.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here???    Anyone got any great Thanksgiving recipes to share?? 



John Clifford said...

Here's a try for a recipe. My sister-in-law introduced us to this a few years back and we've made it for the past couple of Pomona Heritage Christmas Progressive Dinners.

Fruity Candied Sweet Potatoes

2 Large Cans of Yams
1 Regular can of Apple Pie Filling (we use no sugar added to mitigate for my diabetes)
1 Regular can of Cherry Pie Filling (again, we use no added sugar style).
A handful of Walnut pieces
Butter or Margarine

Put the canned items in a baking dish. Mix in the walnuts. Put pats of butter on top. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.

This is a nice changeup from the traditional brown sugar and marshmallow candied yams I grew up with. Kids think it's dessert at the dinner table. One of the best ways I've ever had yams.

Pomona Diva said...

Good one John! I think that we shall try that. Thank you!