Friday, January 9, 2009

Awww Sweet Mystery of Life

O.K. So I've been lazy and haven't written a thought lately. As my dear French Grandmere used to say, "If you haven't got anything good to say, then shut up". It always sounded better in French.

So here we are at last, 2009. What do we do with it? Gas prices are starting to climb again, 1/2 million jobs were lost in December, and I listened this morning with great anticipation to our very refined new President Elect. Is he or isn't he? Will he or won't he? Does he or doesn't he? Can he or can't he? My head hurts. But truly, it's so refreshing to listen to someone intelligent speak. (Is potato still spelled with an "e"?) I'm still trying to get over Bush with the "deer in the headlights" look on 9/11. Still, I'm just so damn hopeful, and I find this very scary at my age.

So with the kiddies back at school - oh, before I forget - High Five to our 2 Pomona High Schools as being among the top 500 High Schools in America. BRAVO!! That would be Valley View and Diamond Ranch. Makes your heart proud. The Daily Bulletin had a little mention last December. I would have headlined it, but then, that's me.

Almost forgot - so with the kiddies back in school I decided to treat myself to a quiet breakfast alone with my new iphone. I remembered seeing a little restaurant (looking very out of place) tucked into an industrial park on Holt. Although it was only a brief glance, I mentally noted it at the time. So little restaurant looking out of place, let's see what's up. Sweet surprise. Love, love, sweet surprises. New (last May) small and very friendly. Although advertised as a Walnut address, it's actually a Pomona business. This is the kind of place I would love to have down here much more locally situated. The kind of place I always envisioned on 2ND St. The menu is not big, but simple and direct. I had the Bacon, Spinach, Cheddar Omelet with Hash Browns. Great and wonderful - the coffee bar is the treat. One of the owners, Obie (charming, charming) brewed for me a carafe of Nicaraguan coffee. They carry blends from all of the world. I know it hurt when I added cream and sweetener, but that's the Diva for ya. This was more than I could eat - 1/2 would have served me well.

If you are looking for Chicken Fried Steak and Biscuits and Gravy - this ain't the place honey. They cater mostly to the Cal Poly Students and the businesses around, but I loved the atmosphere and the friendliness - that counts very high for me. So Obie and all - good luck, and I will see you again soon. The Sugar Rush Cafe rates 5 stars and you can visit their website at

I have to make mention that I highly agree with the Goddess on the Pomona Post Office. What a joke. Now don't get me wrong, I love my postman. He's just great and friendly, but that post office staff over on Monterey needs a huge attitude adjustment. I doubt I have ever encountered a bigger bunch of miserable looking employees. (Oh great, they will stop my mail delivery now). The lines are longer than at the DMV and there is usually only 1 or 2 windows open at the busiest time of the day. And then someone who had toooooo much time on their hand, decided to move the drop off mail box off Monterey into the parking lot. An accident waiting to happen.

I ran in a couple of weeks ago (line was out into the lobby) and quickly discovered that the stamp machine that dispenses singles was out of order. Just then a man came out wheeling a cart with stamps and started to fill the other machine that only dispenses "sets". Since I only needed 1 lousy, miserable, single stamp - I asked if I could buy just one from him. I guess that was a "pay grade higher" because he pointed to the line that was now out the door, and said he just couldn't do that. Screw your long line. I drove down to the Fedex station near Starbucks and they were more than happy to sell me one stamp and to mail the letter for me. Yes, the Diva can get very irritated.

Anyone going to the grand opening of the Saturday night Farmers Market?? This just might be interesting.

Until next time,